Archiving The Stories

The Occult Chronicles is a thinking man’s rogue like….. a “strategy rogue like” is the term being bandied about.  It’s focus is on the random generation of a large explorable game space. This means not only the map but all the things that can interact with it and each other.  I’ve pushed my art budget to the limit to pump up the item count in the game and also pushed my mind to come up with ways to get the elements to combine in unique and hopefully emergent ways.  150+ unique encounters, 60+ unique items, 40 spells, heroic actions and psychic abilities, 40+ edges (passive abilities), 22 Major Arcana, and over 100 unique room, basement, cave and dungeon-like tiles.  The game is huge.  And the fun is in each play through finding cool things and figuring out how they can help you to accomplish the specific mission that you are on.

The archives are a sorely missed part of my previous games that will serve to document in a meager way each unique story that is played out through the combination of all those previously listed elements. So after you have collected a lot of this “stuff” and with tense trepidation walked the many creaky corridors and pushed open a bunch of squeaky doors, and either emerged  alive with your mission accomplished or lie decomposing propped up against a moldy wall after having bled out, it will be fun to go back and see how far you got by examining your agent and all the things that he/she collected along the way.  I’ve also implemented an “achievement” system where medals are handed out based on your performance and the difficulty level that you chose at the beginning of the game.  I’m shying away at this point from adding a numerical score because of the many problems with getting the number to really match the quality of play for all the different styles that I’d like the game to accommodate.  If you sneak around and cleverly avoid some encounters that might have yielded large score points it’s difficult to adjust for that.  Right now I think the medal system will be enough to quantify how well you played the game.  Here is a rough mock up of what the Agent Archives will look like.

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