SI: Rectification 1.08 Release

Well, I haven’t had any major bugs to fix in a while so I am going to call this released and no longer in Beta.  New purchases will get the 1.08 version now as well. There are some important fixes like an error in calculating the % chance generation of the diabolism curses.  If you are playing (especially hosting) a game of rectification you should definitely upgrade to this release version.  Also added some small fixes here and there like the secret objectives for insulting, demanding and framing all players now tell you who you still need to get to complete the objective.

You can download 1.08 here


Download the .zip file and then overwrite 3 files and the GameData folder in the Program Files\Cryptic Comet\Solium Infernum folder.  Make sure you overwrite the GameData folder and its files.  You might need to delete the folder and then unzip the new one there to ensure that they are replaced.

IMPORTANT: It seems that windows 7 often creates another install location in AppData.  If you are copying over the 3 files and the GameData folder to the Program Files location but the version on the game is still not going to 1.08  then you will need to update the files and folder in the AppData location.  The easiest way to find this is to do a search for MainIFace.cxt and note the AppData location if it is returned.

Netbook mod available here for 1.08 (forces resolution to 800 by 600) You MUST first apply 1.08

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