SI: Rectification 1.07c Beta

I’ve finally caught up with the weekends bug reports. A big thanks to everyone who has contacted me with bugs and feedback.

Download the Update Here

Download the .zip file and then overwrite 3 files and the GameData folder in the Program Files\Cryptic Comet\Solium Infernum folder.

Ambition now only triggers an automatic upgrade if you defeat your opponent in battle. If it is a draw you get a +10% increase in the level up chance instead.
Curse of Wrath can now randomly target the personal guard legion
Curse of Prophecy can now randomly target your stronghold

Major Fixes:
Fixed major bug with phantom bonuses to player attributes due to change in code to accommodate curse effects
Problems with assertion have been fixed for the AI choosing target hexes
Fixed bug with Curse of Prophecy execution
Fixed issues with prestige drains for curses
Lots of display fixes for special abilities
Fixed Hell Sculpt ritual script error when destroying bridges
Improved AI use of support rituals when defending the Assertion hex

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