Gamara On The Loose

There is a really great and wonderfully civil discussion going on in the forums about Turtling (Gamara) & Excommunication and the going rogue – eliminate all your opponents/capture Pandemonium – end game strategy. For no logical reason I always imagined that the the Victory conditions at the end of a game would have a distribution of something like 70% Prestige winner, 13% Pandemonium Usurper, 13% Eliminate everybody with the killer turtle and the remaining 4% some variation of Kingmaker or Power Behind the Throne which I guess is a prestige type victory. But anyway, I really wanted to push all the game theory nightmares of cooperation and defection with an environment that had a huge amount of uncertainty so that you would get exciting shifts in the balance of power and perceptions of who was your friend (always of convenience) and foe (there can only be one King of Hell).

No matter where you think the real distribution lies and whether or not the mechanics really work as intended, I think most players would agree that it would be fun to have the possibility to exist to buff up your stronghold by some in game method/choice. So for Solium Infernum: Rectification I have come up with two ways. The first is via this Relic:

Black Monolith

The Black Monolith
Unholy Relic
+10% Curse of Wrath
The Archfiend who controls this relic has a +10% chance of receiving a Curse of Wrath manuscript any time a battle is fought in Hell.
Shadow Shield
When placed in an attachment slot of a Place of Power(including Stronghold), that Place of Power can never be captured by an opponent.

The second is via the purchase of two new legions that can appear in the bazaar. Both are styled as “Guards” and contain the following special ability.

When this legion is purchased in the Infernal Bazaar, on the following turn the controlling player has the option to send the legion to Pandemonium as a gift or choose one of his own PoP’s (including stronghold) increasing its combat stats by the legion’s values. The legion is then removed from the game

So a player facing the late game gone rogue excommunicated Gamara sized turtle who is rolling the dice for a bid to take it all might find a way to throw a monkey wrench into the works. I don’t want to discourage Gamara mind you. I always envisioned that as an acceptable strategy….high risk if not executed well was the accent I was trying to give it but a viable option. Excommunication cuts you off from the Infernal Bazaar which I wanted to be the equivalent of burning your ships on some desolate coast and heading inland. I had originally thought about prohibiting rituals as well but decided against it as it closed down the operating scope of Gamara’s choices too severely. That said Gamara should feel that time is his enemy. So I’ve added this new rule to the Rectification rule set.

Excommunication Tribute Rule
If a player is excommunicated, any time that he requests tribute, there is a chance that the tribute will not be delivered. The chance is 50% minus 5% for each level the Archfiend has achieved in the Diabolism discipline (power). Membership in the Infernal Conclave conveys certain advantages after all and the timely delivery of tribute is one of them.

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