Game Changers

I like coming up with fun elements/mechanics that can really throw a monkey wrench into another players well crafted plans. The best ones are very specific in defining the conditions under which they are advantageous. The stars have to be right to get the maximum value for the mechanic in question. Maybe I feel that way because despite my profound disavowal of the God of Balance, I still secretly kneel before the alter from time to time? I’ve been wanting to write a ground breaking treatise exposing the false god for some time but that will have to wait for another day. Anyway, here is an Unholy Relic that you will find in the Solium Infernum: Rectification mini expansion update.

Cartographer's Table

The Cartographer’s Table
Unholy Relic
Hell Sculpt Ritual
The Archfiend who controls this relic gains the ability to perform the Hell Sculpt ritual. The relic must be placed in a ritual slot inside the ritual chamber in order for the ritual to become available for use.
+10% Curse of Destruction
The Archfiend who controls this relic has a +10% chance of receiving a Curse of Destruction manuscript any time a Destruction ritual is performed

Hell Sculpt Ritual
Select a valid target Canton that does not contain a legion or Place of Power and change the terrain type to a different terrain type.

Options include:
Build Bridge
Destroy Bridge
Raise Mountains
Create Swamp
Create Infernal Plains
Create Lava Flow

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