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I think I am entering the next stage.  Thanks to a group of players who kindly sent in save games I was able to fix a lot of script errors that slipped through my not quite perfect QA process.  Unsurprisingly most fell in to two categories.

The first were things that should have been found but were so simple that a person who has been playing the game frequently will miss because doing “that” is something they have learned not to do.  For example, somehow a feature slipped through where if you click on an invalid hex to move your army into then the appropriate dialogue box popped up and told you so.  After you acknowledge the dialogue box if you cancel the move by right clicking…..the army would just dissappear.  Poof!  Valid and invalid hexes are marked by an overlay and once you get the movement mechanic down you tend not to click on invalid hexes because it is so obvious.  But someone new to the game and experimenting around will.  Some fresh eyes at the very end can be helpful. 

The second group were always triggered when some unusual confluence of events happened, usually when an army or hero card was destroyed and a goal object that it was assigned to tried to do something with it.  Locking these down was pretty easy with a save game. The error was almost always due to the object (army or card)not being present (= void) when some function was being called on it.  This (knock on wood) has been pretty much taken care of by doing a thourough fail safe review and lots of help from players. 

My goals now are to:

A) Keep improving the UI by adding a hex recognition system that indicates where the latest action is taking place.  I’m also going to look into coming up with a marking system for cards that are not playable from the hand because of resources but after probing this a bit it looks like it could be difficult because of the way I have built the card UI already.

B) Create a installable mod for people who are colorblind.  New colors for the resources on the cards and a positioning system for the icons on the tiles

C) Test and Launch the Mac version

D) Create an non-interactive demo in Shockwave that runs players through the basic mechanics

E) Keep listening to players…..touchy feely I know but the input is very valuable

F) Marketing!  Right now I have a banner up at the board game geek  www.boardgamegeek.com and I’m doing Google/Yahoo adwords.  The budget is puny but I am running a marathon here and not a sprint. 



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