I’m getting better.

I don’t want to go on the cart so I’m improving the game as efficiently as I can.  I just released update 1.03a.  Over the past 10 days or so I have added fast dice rolls, an info pad for the cards in the hand, hot key support, and some other minor UI improvements.  I’ve also fixed a host of bugs.  Many of them have been pretty arcane but they still ruin any given gamers experience so QA on the next project will get a re-examination.  Some people seem to just be having problems running Adobe Director applications.  In some cases running the game in compatibility mode has corrected the problem.  There is still a lot of quirkyness with the UI and a lot of it is just not going to go away.  The game requires some effort to learn as well and that is going to be a barrier to entry.  I knew that going in so I’m not surprised.  My hope is that people who went WTF might hit a dry spot in their gaming and decide to come back and give it a little work with their sleaves rolled up.  I think there is a freshness to every session I’ve played and if anybody living in the “Brane” should be sick of it then that anybody would be me.  I still get a thrill discovering the specials scattered around the map.  My favorite experience is still losing.  Yep, for me it means that the AI is worth its salt.  I also love reading peoples summaries of their games and the animosity they have for some of the factions and units.  Bringing down a Colossus is exhilarating!  My favorite part of the game is getting nuked.  I once got nuked twice in the same game by Mutant Long Lance missiles…..made my day.


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