Solium Infernum Beta Update 1.05b

This is a beta for an improvement on 1.05a that mostly addresses fixes to unusual excommunication scenarios. It also fixes some basic “gross conceptual errors” that I had with excommunicating players and also reinstating them that could cause problems when the Infernal Conclave was dissolved because things had “gotten out of hand” 🙂

Here is a .zip file of the update Solium Infernum Update 1.05b Beta ZIP

It is compatible with all previous save games and since there are no data structure changes it is also compatible with 1.05a for multiplayer games. It is a beta though so although I am pretty sure it won’t cause problems I can’t guarantee it and would like to get some brave players to try it out before I go official with it. If you try it and do run into a problem then please send me a save game and a brief explanation. If you are playing a multiplayer PBEM game then I’m happy to fix anything that might get broken if the host wants to send me the folder contents.

Here are the key bug fixes:

Fixed bug where attaching Praetor with level bonus to Place of Power resulted in PoP gaining that level bonus to its level permanently

Fixed bug where player did not get refunded prestige wager from Vendetta when opponent was excommunicated.

Fixed bug where legion returned to Bazaar for lack up upkeep displayed EOF text for artifacts and relics attached.

Fix bug with Dimensional Gate ritual that allowed player to abuse targeting process

Fixed bug where legion that was bought in Bazaar but did not have valid Canton to deploy to had inspect icon on message that caused script error when clicked on.

Fixed bug in level up response message for Praetor who defeated Champion of Pandemonium

Fixed bug where player was excommunicated multiple times with repeat messages and the excommunication list also had multiple entries for player causing problems with Expel the Heretic event and Dissolution of the Conclave

Fixed bug where event to reinstate excommunicated players was not working properly when one player could not be reinstated due to the fact that they were occupying Pandemonium at the time.

Fixed bug where player removed from game was not also removed from excommunication list

Fixed bug in Conclave dissolution process where loss of Pandemonium due to event could result in control being assigned to Conclave which does not exist

Fixed bug where you could dismiss Personal Guard under certain conditions

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