2010 Road Map

A new year dawns and I’m still in business. It is hard to imagine that it has been five years since I ripped up my Darklands-style adventure game and went to work on what would be Armageddon Empires. I was reminded of this because I have just finished R. E. Howard’s Solomon Kane and realized that it was exactly the type of world that I was trying to create although I had imagined it some hundreds of years earlier perhaps (during the 6th or 7th Crusade). There is a French produced movie which might make it to the USA sometime this year. I can’t comment on how good it will be and my standards are notoriously low but it looks promising. And the production company looks to be Davis Films so it has to be good 🙂 It also stars Max Von Sydow and the guy who was in Kenneth Branaugh’s Shakespeare films like Henry V….I can’t remember his name…bald guy, striking. But that is enough to grab my ticket money.

Solium Infernum Plans
So I have been chipping away at bug fixing and after recharging my batteries I have also set about systematically looking at the AI and rewriting/redesigning certain parts that seem to be under performing or in some cases simply not performing. I’d like to thank everyone who has sent in save games or posted on the CC forums. I may not respond to everything but I do look at it and use it all for bug hunting and AI improvement. I am presently working on the 1.05 Update and it will have the usual bug fixes as well as some AI improvements. Please do not expect miracles though. My goal has been to steadily increase the AI’s quality by working off of examples where it has not performed well and then try and correct that…..hopefully so that the game is challenging and enjoyable.

Solium Infernum Manual
I’m planning on getting a round of corrections into the manual and adding a clickable table of contents

Free Mini Expansion Pack
I would like to do at least one. It’s in the planning stages at this point. I’m gathering data on balancing changes and trying to decide on what would be the most interesting areas to enhance. I’ll release more info on this as it develops. I have some paradigm shifting ideas that I need to test out before I announce anything significant.

Project Rogue Expedition
I am designing a strategy adventure game. My core design goals are to foster a fun sense of exploration and push your luck decision making.

Cryptic Comet Souvenir Shop

I hope to add to the souvenirs available in the shop….a mouse pad for Solium Infernum and mugs for both AE and SI soon.

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