Looks Like This Evening…

Ok, I’ve got a pretty good handle now on everything and the release code has been finalized. Things are looking good for a release this evening after 9 pm Eastern Standard Time. That’s when the website will hopefully be updated. I will post a link here on this blog to the Demo and manual though once they get uploaded to my Amazon AWS account.

Just a few notes about the game:

I designed the game to be multi-player compatible but I didn’t skimp on the single player aspect. In fact I put a lot of time and effort into developing a solid and competent AI for the game to give players like myself an enjoyable solo experience.

If you ever wanted to play a grand strategy board game on the computer by yourself I think I can claim that this is a great opportunity to do it. 🙂

But I don’t think that single and multi-player have to be mutually exclusive in a game. I hope that many players will take advantage of the multi-player aspect of the game. I will be setting up a section of my forums to let players announce games that they are organizing and hopefully players will feel free to banter, taunt and ridicule each other about their ongoing games.

Finally, One of my goals for Solium Infernum was to try and achieve something on par with the experience that I enjoyed with the Dominions franchise from Shrapnel and Illwinter games. I still remember the intense feelings of apprehension and anticipation and rapid heart beats as I loaded up a turn in which I expected results from a major battle or master stroke move. That’s the feeling I hope the Solium Infernum can provide to its players.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy Solium Infernum. I am really proud of the design, the art aesthetic, the music, the flavor text and just having finished it. I couldn’t have done it without the help of the following people:

Digital Art by

Matt Bradbury

Katie Davis

David North

Ben Sones

Music By

Stian Stark

Manual Editing and Game Flavor Text by

Russell Marsh

Manual Formatting by

Katie Davis


Nikolaj Andersen
Harvey Bernstein
David Bove
Joseph Builth-Williams
Sam Combs
Markus Dietrich
Pascal Di Folco
David Ellsworth
John McCulloch
Dan Montgomery
Vincent Royer
Kevin Santosuosso
Erez Schatz
David Schreiber
Justin Stapleton
Aaron Teschner
Ilya Zushinskiy

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