Revenge of the Underhive

A player nick named “Keypunch” has put up an extremely clever deck for warlords of the wastelands to play as a neutral “corporation” called The Underhive. The deck is composed of a real rogues gallery of the independent units in the game. You can check out the deck here:

Underhive Deck

And get a nice AAR here:

Underhive AAR

Needless to say, AE is not the most user friendly game to mod so just getting this to work is really an accomplishment. The whole thematic approach though is what really sends it over the top. If you ever wondered what it would be like to throw Casca, ExU-88 and the Duke together and run around the map with Dune Raiders then this is the deck for you. Just a word of warning though, make sure your wasteland skills are up to snuff. It’s not really an easy deck if you don’t really know your stuff.

Dune Raiders

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