Pure Corbomite

One of my favorite Star Trek episodes is episode #10 “The Corbomite Maneuver.” Every strategy game needs something like it. I didn’t quite manage to perfectly incorporate the “Bluff” aspect but I did get some of the flavor. It comes in the form of one of my favorite Evil Artifacts that I created for Solium Infernum…. The Orb of Oblivion.

Orb Of Oblivion

The Orb Of Oblivion

Oblivion: If the legion possessing this artifact is destroyed in battle then the enemy has a 80% minus 5% per enemy level chance of being destroyed as well.

What better way to ensure power than to enforce a peaceable nature over potential peers of that power. I have discovered the existence of three spheres, one of which projects an aura of sublimity over nearby subjects. I lack the present capacity to translate the functions of the others, but undoubtedly they must be of similar power and origin.

–From the diary of Bishop Bezel

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