Age of Ensemble

I’ve long had a love hate relationship with Real Time Strategy games…where I play the abused spouse role in so many ways. I’ve also got a big soft spot for Age of Empires and can still see those gazelles being cut up into large juicy meat chunks to feed your burgeoning village….and can still hear that sound that your stone age villagers made. It wasn’t Yub Yub but it was something close.

Anyway, don’t miss the Crispy Gamer piece by Troy Goodfellow on the hidden history of Ensemble. It’s a great retrospective on one of the best studios that ever was. I’m still mystified as to why Microsoft would close this creative powerhouse down. Despite my generally positive attitude on the non-dom3dness of PC gaming, this type of thing scares me since my living is directly coupled to the PC’s success as a gaming platform. But like a great philosopher once said “Never despair! But if you do despair, move forward in despair.”

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