The Tip of the Spear

Announcing the next free mini expansion pack for Armageddon Empires: AE 1.08 The Tip of the Spear. OK, I just pulled the trigger on this… in my mind at least. I made up a list of the 12 images to send to my artist. I have the 12 new cards spec’d out. I also have a list of the other things that I am changing that I have been monkeying around with on a side build of AE. Here is the mini pitch.

“Alright you miserable maggots, so you’re sick of getting radioactive sand kicked in your face by those mecha and armor jocks. Well we’re going to do something about that. Some of you will be given advanced training at our Imperial Academy. Most of you will survive and you’ll be the better for it…more capable to serve the Empire and drive these abominations from the face of Terra. So which one of you is first?”

Features will include:

12 new Advanced Training Enhancement Cards only created by your generals and only useable by Infantry, Robot Infantry, Mutants and Xenogytes – prepare to be upgraded!

2 New Inate Abilities given to Infantry, Robot Infantry, Mutants and Xenogytes that will significantly raise their self esteem.

Possible New Feature: (Still Testing)
1 New Optional Rule that can be toggled on or off: All armor, mecha and bio mecha cards require 1 unit of energy to be expended if the army they are in is moved during the turn.

That’s what I’ve got so far. I’m hoping to release this on 17 JUL 08, the anniversary of AE’s release but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Speaking of that, I’ll be pulling the curtain back on Brimstone next week….. if the pavement is finally finished that is.

Imperial Infantry is Getting Upgraded

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