Distant Thunder AAR Turns 16 – 20

Another dispatch from the front is in! This game is moving forward and it’s proving to be a challenge even for me. I haven’t found a single resource icon. I have Xenopods active and aggressive on my North West front and Mutant probes by light recon elements on my East flank. A second Xenopod recon element of “Consorts” was ambushed by my Imperial Commandos so I am hoping I have at least temporarily blinded the squidies. With this in mind I decided to go for broke and use my outpost card to put the Xenopod Home Hive within striking range and assault it with my sole army that could project any type of power. Battle Group Hammer commanded by Ulysses S. Starke dutifully advanced North and at that point the plan fell apart. As soon as he set up Fire Base Archon reports started coming in of Xenopod biomecha in the area. “Corrupters” no less…. I hate those guys. I don’t think they have discovered my Fire Base yet but if they do I am in trouble. I’m very exposed. The card draws have provided me with hero and recon cards but not much in the way of combat cards. Things wouldn’t be so bad if I had just discovered some resources. There is a small bandit outpost on the Great Berm but going after it would just extend and expose me even more. All this time the Mutants and Machines have been spending resources like crazy to get the initiative so they must be doing pretty well. If I am lucky it’s a sign they have found each other and are going at it. If that is the case then a quick victory against the Xenopods will put me in a great position. Of course I have to get past those bio mecha first.

Turns 16 to 20

Here’s a picture of the heroes of the day. I hate to think what would have happened if my Imperial Commando Bn. had not spoted the Xenopod bio mecha. Under the leadership of Adam Wraith they can really move around and cover some ground. They don’t have the recce special ability but on this open terrain they can move 5 hexes a turn so they don’t really need it.

Imperial Commando Bn

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