Here There Be Monsters

In honor of Halloween I’m going to kick off something I hope is a regular feature for the next couple of months. Every two weeks I intend to post some art from the upcoming free expansion pack for Armageddon Empires titled “Cults of the Wastelands.” The 10 card expansion pack is going to center around 3 unique cults that are represented in the game as independents. You will be able to toggle the appearence of the cults on or off in the options panel. If the cults are toggled on then one of them will appear in a game…or there might be a “good” chance that one will appear. I still need to test this out so the effect of the toggle is TBD. You might prefer that sometimes because each cult is going to have some unique game bending rules built around it. I’m going to be pretty tight lipped about those for now because I need to test them out. If I do post them I’ll have to be a little vague about the actual mechanics because for some of the cults half of the fun will be the surprise of trying to figure out what is going on.

So each cult gets 3 cards. That’s 9 cards for the cults and 1 card remaining for what Armageddon Empires really needed and that was a titan sized monster. Enjoy!

The Mighty Kabaagh

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