There are two kinds of people in this world…

Those with loaded guns and those who dig. Right now it feels like I am digging. Work progresses on a whole series of fronts:

Update 1.06 is well underway. It will include some minor bug fixes found due to save games kindly sent in by players, and some good UI fixes like a redesigned card holder with more cards in view.

Challenge Game. I’m working on an edited save game that begins on turn 1 with a specially designed Imperial deck. The enemy factions will have been given large starting stockpiles of resources. The game will be posted on the news section some time soon.

A free mini expansion pack is being planned as well. Tentatively titled “Cults of the Wasteland” it will add new independent cards. I’m also hoping to add some new game mechanics as well…more on this later. It will be free to all those who have purchased the game and the target date for release is this Winter.

Project Brimstone: Work on my next strategy game is underway. I have been adapting a board game prototype of my own design that I hauled out of the vaults. It will feature a fresh theme, simultaneous turns, structured diplomatic interactions, some euro-style board game mechanics, hexes, combat, fantastic artwork, and single player and PBEM modes of play. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Back to digging. I’ve been coding to the score of the Transformers movie lately. Great stuff by Steve Jablonsky, who was a disciple of Hans Zimmer I believe. It makes the digging seem epic.

Arch Stanton

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