Occult Chronicles 1.07 Sale

The Occult Chronicles 1.07 update is now available.  In conjunction with this release Cryptic Comet is also having a Halloween sale. You can purchase the game for the spooky price of $13.13 by following this link

More information about the game is available here

Update Installation:

You can download a .zip file or a self extracting .exe file.  Once you have saved the file to your computer, locate the folder that was created when you extracted the full game.  In most cases it is called OccultChronicles.  Go to this folder and delete a sub folder called GameData.  Now double click on either the .zip or self extracting .exe and copy the files to the OccultChronicles folder. You will be copying over a new GameData folder as well as replacing two files: MainIFace.cxt and GameEngine.cxt.  When you start the game it should now read 1.o7 in the bottom left corner of the main menu.

Changes and Improvements:

Added 2 New Encounters for the basement/dungeon levels. One is a tribute to an old D & D dungeon nemesis and the other tips its hat to a famous B.P.R.D. agent…no not the big red guy.

The item numbers on the right side of the item tray now turn green when you have an item that can be used during a challenge but that tab has not been selected.

Horror challenges now only happen once for each specific named encounter. i.e. if you have seen the zombies random encounter you don’t get the horror challenge again if you happen to bump into more zombies later on

The frequency of random encounters has been decreased further

The intensity of health loss and sanity loss cards has been toned down significantly to reduce the chance of large number penalties in a single failed encounter if you are at moderate or less health or sanity points. i.e. the more severe algorithm operates when you have high health and sanity points

Numerous bug fixes and display issues corrected

Numerous text errors corrected

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