We need a bigger helicopter!

Shark Jump

Chances are you’ve seen this photoshop rendition of Quint’s nightmare. It’s the combination of some really bold helo ops in the San Fran bay and a National Geographic photographer’s patience in catching a Great White of off South Africa (although apparently he did have to do some “trawling” to prompt the monster to jump for the camera). A couple of things come to mind while looking at the picture. I’m not talking about the analysis to “prove” that the photo is a fake, but deeper and odder things. First, what kind of men do that type of thing? Sitting behind the keyboard all day, you lose perspective on the world out there and the things humans do that have associated risks that are beyond acceptable tolerance levels. On the other hand, these guys are in great shape and well trained and the machines are expertly maintained, so I bet if you compare mountain biking accidents to Pave Hawks going down into the water while retrieving combat rescue swimmers, the odds favor the Pave Hawks. The shark is a monster. Sharks have very specific strategies for hunting prey. Great Whites like to wound the prey and then let it bleed to death. Why would a great white jump out of the water to get the climbing diver when there is a nice easy morsal in the rotor wash?

The photo works because it’s a frozen moment of horror. This is something that belongs in strategy games. I like the idea of event decks that contain these lurking monsters. Event cards are one of my favorite things about board games. Besides adding surprise they can add theme. Fantasy Flight’s War of the Ring does this brilliantly. I also have fond memories of Ambush

Just a quick update as well. I’ve released the Mac version of Armageddon Empires. If you have tried the demo and are having problems starting a game when playing the Machine Empire then you should redownload the demo. It seems that there was a corruption in the game data files after uploading that was causing problems. It should be fixed now.

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