Occult Chronicles Update 1.06

Sorry this has taken so long.  I did some experimenting with some game play changes that ended up being dead ends and I had a phantom bug with some of the Major Arcana that had me second guessing some of the laws of physics.  It was one of those ultimate Doh! moments where you realize that computers just do what they are told and in the end the Machines will probably exterminate us for just that reason.  Moving on.

This will be that last update before the game goes to release mode in a week.  After solving the mystery of the Major Arcana bug, I feel like the parts inside are moving pretty smoothly.  I will be continuing updates for a while implementing balance adjustments and improving the UI.  I’ve seen lots of very reasonable and smart suggestions in the forums and via emails which have been very helpful.  A big thanks to all those who have taken the time to send me feedback in any manor.  I don’t always respond but the feedback is very appreciated.


You can download a .zip file or a self extracting .exe file.  Once you have saved the file to your computer, locate the folder that was created when you extracted the full game.  In most cases it is called OccultChronicles.  Go to this folder and delete a sub folder called GameData.  Now double click on either the .zip or self extracting .exe and copy the files to the OccultChronicles folder. You will be copying over a new GameData folder as well as replacing two files: MainIFace.cxt and GameEngine.cxt.  When you start the game it should now read 1.o6 in the bottom left corner of the main menu.

Changes and Improvements:

-Fixed display bug for Spray and Pray
-Fixed display bug for Full Auto
-Fixed display bug in trick card presentation when max trick cards on board had been reached and certain special abilities had been triggered
-Fixed display bug in several skill cards
-Fixed all edges that bump item special abilities with a random number based on the edge level
-Fixed Quick Draw edge not working properly when condition was valid
-Fixed Inventory Display problem where cards could display while tray was retracted.
-Fixed roaming monster duplication bug which could occur in some rare cases where roaming monsters bumped into each other
-Fixed bug where mission specific random encounters were occuring in innappropriate locations
-Fixed wording of description on story token called “Growing Confidence” to indicate that it is for Combat Challenges only
-Fixed bug with doors not opening after multiple level transitions
-Fixed bug with Fountain of Blood not reseting in some rare situations
-Fixed bug with ammo occurance boosts caused by other edges conflicting with the trigger number calculation
-Fixed bug where some roaming monsters would flip flop between rooms when initial contact with the player was lost
-Fixed bug where quests could be removed before completion if a roaming monster triggered the encounter while moving
-Fixed bug in map generation where collapsed floor could occur above locations that blocked out landing room
-Fixed bug where some encounters had duplicates placed when encounter pool ran out
-Fixed bug in AI pathing routine for roaming monsters where other roaming encounters blocked pathing even after look ahead planning had returned a move possible result
-Fixed movement permitted bugs on some tiles where graphics indicated movement was not permitted
-Fixed bug in random selection of some items when rewards were generated
-Fixed bug in the input of luck attribute on random encounter generation
-Fixed bug in generation of Major Arcana cards during rewards phase
-Fixed bug in map generation that caused unconnected corridors to block tunnels connecting pit traps in some cases
-Fixed bug in map generation that put several escape or die traps in inappropriate locations
-Increased inter-connectivity of corridors in 3rd sub level (Catacombs that run under the mission level)
-Mindshield Psychic Talent now converts non Face cards as follows: 1 or 2 Wands = Page, 3 or 4 Wands = Knight, 5 Wands = Queen and 6+ Wands = King
-Each time you move into a sublocation within a room, there is a chance based on your wands, pentacles and luck attributes that a secret door (if one exits) will be revealed inside the room that you are currently in
-Seeing the same random encounter in a row should be slightly less likely
-All final mission encounters now have chances for Instant Death or Instant Insanity result cards (as appropriate) to be generated if you fail the challenge

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