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SGS Beta Update 1.05

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

OK. Here is Six Gun Saga Beta 1.05. You can either re-download again/uninstall the old one and then install the new one OR use SGS Update 1.05 ZIP if you have version 1.03 or greater already.

To install the zip file update simply overwrite the 3 files (AIScripts.cxt, MainIFace.cxt, GameEngine.cxt) and the GameData folder at Program Files\Cryptic Comet\SixGunSaga with the files in the zip. You should see Beta 1.05 as the version number in the bottom left corner of the main menu screen if the install was successful.

Also included are two new executables that will appear in the SixGunSaga folder and will allow you to 1) run the game fullscreen and 2) run the game at 800 by 600 for netbook type computers. You can make shortcuts by right clicking on the executable if you desire. I’ve decided not to clutter up everyone’s desktops with shortcuts created by the install program since I am anticipating that most will play windowed.

Here is a list of some of the major fixes.

Modified VP values for many of the outlaw dudes so that large outlaw posses must spend more time on story cards to complete them.

Fixed bug where tied hand after retreat to ambush location was not setting the retreating posse’s location to the retreat hex

Fixed bug with display of turn number if no turn limit was selected for game settings

Fixed bug with where elimination of all players except the human player did not trigger end of game screen

Fixed rare turn order problem with some upkeep costs for AI’s being counted double and forcing AI’s to fire dudes

Rules Implementation/Interpretation Change: If a card changes subtype and no longer can be legally owned by a player then it leaves play (fired). If it can no longer be in its posse legally then it is immediately transferred to the bunkhouse. If no room is available in the bunkhouse then the dude leaves play (fired)

AI initial base aggressiveness multiplier reduced

AI algorithms for choosing Action Card targets now more biased to pick cards in large posses

Implemented better sanity check on bad odds for AI’s targeting occupied story cards. Sanity checks suspended when loss of story card means loss of game to another player

AI’s evaluation algorithms for creating posses from dudes in hand/bunkhouse tweaked to avoid certain bottle neck situations that could stall out AI progress