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Fell deeds await, now for wrath, now for ruin and the small beta

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009


Well I wasn’t expecting such a huge response so quickly. I’ve had over 100 applications in the short time this post has gone up and almost all of them look serious and well written. So I am going close the search at this point, comb through them and then do a lottery from among the best. If you are selected then expect to hear from me in the next couple of days. If I can get my act together then I’ll have the NDA’s out this weekend. Once again please don’t feel bad if you didn’t get selected. Thanks again to everybody who sent in an email. I hope this bodes well for interest in the release.


Testing, One, Two, Three…..

OK, circuit back on line.

I’m getting very close to being ready to release Solium Infernum sometime in the next 4-6 weeks if everything goes as planned. At this point I want to expand my beta testing circle just a bit with players across the internet. I’ve been testing up to this point with a hand picked group of friends/students who live within face to face distance so that I could get solid feedback and quick multi player games accomplished.

The AI for the single player game has been the hardest technical aspect of the game…no surprise there. I would like to find 10 volunteers to test out the single player game against the AI. Having read Jeff Vogel’s blog post about beta testing here is the deal:

Please send me an email to info(At} and write a short paragraph about yourself and why you like turn based strategy games.

Please give me your full name and a mailing address.

To be considered state that you think you can put in at least 24 hours of testing in the next month…more is of course better. The test will run from 12 October to 9 Nov. I really want and need committed testers.

I will have a short Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement for you to sign if you are selected. It basically says you won’t talk about the game until it is released and I won’t ever reveal you personal info that I get besides putting your name in the credits in the downloadable manual.

There will be NO MONETARY compensation… the help I’m asking for is unpaid. But you will get to keep your serial key and be provided a free copy of the final game.

If you tested for me in the past then note that in your email. It doesn’t guarantee a spot but it will help your odds….If I get more than 10 people presumed qualified to test then I will do a small lottery. So if you don’t get chosen don’t be upset. I appreciate the offer to help from everybody.