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Monkey Wrenches Redux

Monday, April 27th, 2009

In a previous entry I discussed my desire to give players the tools to toss a monkey wrench into another player’s well oiled plans. The “Deceit” rituals are the most obvious way to go about this. If you don’t want to pursue that path you can still find the odd wrench but usually in the form of “events” that aren’t as elegant and targeted… the Capricious Wrath event I revealed earlier.

Usually when you plot out movement paths for your legions you expect that your orders will be carried out to the letter or there will be Hell to pay. But what if your opponent could issue false orders to one of your legions causing it to leave its nice supportive formation and flea for its life or even make a suicidal attack on a more powerful legion? The “Deceit” ritual called Secret Manipulation allows players to do just that and the results can be both unexpected and frustrating. The target legion gets a chance to resist of course and the higher the legion’s level the better its chance. In case you were wondering you can’t march an opponent’s legion against Pandemonium and get them excommunicated…..while that would be really fun it makes the game far too unstable and the positioning of units in the vicinity of Pandemonium too precarious. You’ll have to think of orders to enter Pandemonium as so important that special confirmation would be sought.

Secret Manipulation

Ritual: Secret Manipulation
Select an enemy legion and take control of its movement for a single turn if it fails a ritual challenge against deceit and has not already moved in a previous phase.

Armageddon Empires The Merchandising…

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

….Where the real money from the game is made.

I made a mouse pad a while back but like so many things I never really finished it off and got a Cafe Press shop online and integrated into my Cryptic Comet website. I do have a shop up now. You can catch it here if you want to check out the mouse pad.

Cults Mouse Pad

My idea is to add some coffee mugs, another mouse pad and maybe a flame thrower. If you have any favorite images from AE that you would like to see on such bling bling then let me know by replying to this thread in the forums. List your top 5 or so images and I’ll make a tally to get an idea what the most popular images are. Then I’ll try and get some merchandise up on the Cafe Press shop.

Revenge of the Underhive

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

A player nick named “Keypunch” has put up an extremely clever deck for warlords of the wastelands to play as a neutral “corporation” called The Underhive. The deck is composed of a real rogues gallery of the independent units in the game. You can check out the deck here:

Underhive Deck

And get a nice AAR here:

Underhive AAR

Needless to say, AE is not the most user friendly game to mod so just getting this to work is really an accomplishment. The whole thematic approach though is what really sends it over the top. If you ever wondered what it would be like to throw Casca, ExU-88 and the Duke together and run around the map with Dune Raiders then this is the deck for you. Just a word of warning though, make sure your wasteland skills are up to snuff. It’s not really an easy deck if you don’t really know your stuff.

Dune Raiders

Capricious Wrath

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

It should be noted that The Orb of Oblivion that I revealed last time is capable of not only destroying an enemy legion that it engages but also a place of power…… as in poof! zip! Sorry. And It’s Gone! It’s the only catastrophic thing that can remove a place of power from the game. In case you were wondering, Pandemonium can be removed as well. The Conclave just retires to a secluded location and the “win by force” option is removed from the game. But to get back on track, there are some fun events that you can play that have nice catastrophic results. One of them is called Capricious Wrath and it targets legions…who gets targeted depends on the particular event and the cost to play it.

Capricious Wrath Ruins Somebody's Day

Capricious Wrath
Cost: None
Play this event to destroy a random player’s (including your own) legion on the board. The target legion is chosen randomly but cannot be a personal guard.

Capricious Wrath Targeted
Cost: Tribute Cards
Play this event to destroy a targeted opponent’s legion on the board. The particular legion that is destroyed is chosen randomly but cannot be a personal guard.