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Bring Me Tribute Befitting A Demon Prince

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

That’s an order you will find yourself issuing more than occasionally as you maneuver to claim the Infernal Throne. The following turn you will receive a message and be able to select tribute cards from an offering presented to you by your minions. This simple order and choice combination forms the heart of the resource system in Solium Infernum. The constrained choice mechanic operates on several levels here. First you need to decide whether you want to spend a precious order slot to request tribute. Then once you are presented with a group of cards you must usually select some subset from the offering. You will want to choose carefully based on what your current goals are. Resource cards can have icons for one to four flavors of resources: souls, ichor, hellfire and darkness.

Your level of power in the “Diabolism” discipline determines both the quality and number of tribute card choices. At low levels you get less resources and less choices. As you level up in Diabolism you will increase the quality and quantity of your choices. Cards that have a single resource type will now have more of that resource and you will also be offered cards with multiple resource types. I should mention also that there is a diminishing returns type mechanism for tribute requests made during a single turn. If you have 4 tribute request orders issued during the same turn you will find the quality of each offering declines in succession. So you can surge resources but not at peak efficiency. Here are some images of what the tribute choice dialogue box looks like when you respond to a message that your minions have brought you tribute as ordered.



In a following entry I’ll explore what you can spend these resources on and how you go about doing it.