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Tacticular Cancer Interview

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008

No don’t worry I’m perfectly healthy and will most likely finish Solium Infernum. But my personal assistant has been busy booking me up for the tsunami media blitz and viral marketing campaigns that I am about to unleash for SI. So following last week’s The Reticule interview is an interview I did with the guys over at Tacticular Cancer who were nice enough to offer me a soapbox.

The Reticule Illuminates

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

The gaming blog The Reticule put up an interview that I did with them on Solium Infernum recently.

Also presented for your enjoyment is Vassago, a Praetor you can hire to lead your legions to glory and ultimately a solid claim on the Infernal Throne.


The conjurer who evokes the spirit of Vassago will receive a being of passive nature who provides prophetic insight to his master. Vassago governs twenty-nine legions of spirits and is a lower prince of the Bowels. His interests are unconventional and they manifest through symbols of restriction or symbols of governed but stylized pleasure. His words can be trusted as long as his form is restricted to the conjuring circle.

–From “The Pseudomonarchia Daemonum”

Game Special Abilities:

Melee + 3
Add +3 to the melee attribute of the legion or place of power commanded by this Praetor

Level +4
Add +4 to the level of the legion or place of power commanded by this Praetor for purposes of combat and resistance rolls and determining the number of attachment slots

Age of Ensemble

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

I’ve long had a love hate relationship with Real Time Strategy games…where I play the abused spouse role in so many ways. I’ve also got a big soft spot for Age of Empires and can still see those gazelles being cut up into large juicy meat chunks to feed your burgeoning village….and can still hear that sound that your stone age villagers made. It wasn’t Yub Yub but it was something close.

Anyway, don’t miss the Crispy Gamer piece by Troy Goodfellow on the hidden history of Ensemble. It’s a great retrospective on one of the best studios that ever was. I’m still mystified as to why Microsoft would close this creative powerhouse down. Despite my generally positive attitude on the non-dom3dness of PC gaming, this type of thing scares me since my living is directly coupled to the PC’s success as a gaming platform. But like a great philosopher once said “Never despair! But if you do despair, move forward in despair.”

If I had been born today…

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

the fact that my eyesight went from 20/18 to 20/25 when I turned 18 would probably not have precluded me from being a pilot in the military. Ironically my lack of hand eye coordination and hating to bunny hop or camp would have done me in. The age of the video game warriors is dawning. This is a really interesting read on lewt skillz and the modern battlefield.

CROWS at the Strategy Page

But come the Great Robot Wars I’m going to get an Adrianne Barbeau Bot body…..because I freaking love harmony! So watch out. Who knows if I live long enough my head in a jar might be able to pilot an RPV with a Firefox hook up. Zapuck.

Technical Difficulties and Milestones

Friday, December 5th, 2008

I ‘m posting from a secure secondary command post at an undisclosed location. My primary dev machine needs a new cpu fan. I had a water cooled system on it but the water isn’t circulating anymore so the little pump must be dead. After the success I had at installing a new power supply when the old one’s fan started making noise, I’m going to attempt to do the repair myself.

I’ve made some great progress on Solium Infernum. Every system is complete and a first pass at all the game data is complete as well. I’ve been playing the game a lot in hotseat to start refining the data for all the “stuff” in the game… legions, praetors, artifacts, relics etc. That’s not to say there aren’t still a lot of bugs because there are. I have over 60 unique events that need to be tested so I’ve got some fun work ahead going through each of those.

The AI is progressing on a seperate front. I’m working on refining the opening game strategies that each AI can pursue. I’m also paying special attention to the “land grab” goals that the AI generates. Sometimes it’s better to encircle a Place of Power so that your opponents can’t get directly at it (a few legions can fly so that’s another issue) and then come back later when you have better and more legions that can overcome the garrison. Getting the AI to pursue those types of goals successfully is worth the effort.

Finally, here is an infernal artifact that you can look forward to bidding on and then bestowing upon one of your legions. These artifacts usually have unique special abilities.

The Ark of Damnation

Ark of Damnation
Between Hell and Tartarus exists a space of black energy called the Ark of Damnation. It is a ladder used by condemned Tartarean spirits to climb out, but it is also a portal through which unfortunate demons of Hell can be placed, stripping those demons of their bodies and converting them to ethereal beings. On the Ark exist four symbols of tragedy: a human skull for man’s descent from Earth to Hell, a goat skull for demon’s descent from Hell to Tartarus, a bull skull for the authority over Tartarean spirits, and a bird skull for the desire to ascend.

–The Diabolic Encyclopedia

Game Abilities:

+ 4 Infernal: Add +4 to the controlling legion’s infernal attribute

Damnation: If the legion deals infernal damage to an enemy the damage is doubled