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Monday, February 26th, 2007

There is an old addage in software development about taking the time you estimate for a project to be completed and doubling it to get the actual time.  So it has been with Armageddon Empires.  But the end is drawing near.  Our victorious armies have reached the Volga and I expect good news from General von Paulus soon.  Seriously, testing is in the final stages and the game play is proving both stimulating and challenging.  Having a limited amount of resources to manage every turn keeps the pace of the game moving and makes the choices agonizing sometimes.  With each iteration I stomp out a few stupid moves the AI is prone to make and find myself surprised at both the AI and the epic story that each game tells.  I’ll write more about both aspects soon.  I’m shooting for a May/June release so I’ll try and pick up the pace with these blog entries.

Here is a screen shot of an Imperial Army that went on a tear and accumulated enough prestige points to earn the Empire’s highest award.  Along with the bling it also grants the army some nice bonuses

Heroes of the Empire